A resounding Yes! to natural medicine in the healthcare system

In the 2nd nationwide referendum by ABSTIMMUNG21 e.V., one of the questions put to the vote was “Are you in favour of strengthening natural medicine in the healthcare system?”.

The vote was based on non-partisan pro and contra information, the structure of which was based on international expertise.

With a clear 81.99%, the result of the vote even surprised the spokesperson for the initiators of the topic (GESUNDHEIT AKTIV e.V., Kneipp-Bund e.V., Natur und Medizin e.V.), when it was announced live on 31 October 2023.

Thus, a total 41.060 participants clearly expressed their support for strengthening natural medicine within our healthcare system. This is a striking statement in favour of a stronger integration, according to ADAVED’s Executive Board.

ABSTIMMUNG21 e.V. advocates nationwide referendums as an instrument of direct democracy, as is common practice for example in Switzerland. With each new vote, new topics and more people are added to the voting pool, so the national representativeness is quite good after 15 topics put to the vote to date and 55,703 voters this year.