Membership benefits

    • A Strong Representation of Your Interests

      Alone strong, but much stronger together!

    • A strong partner in all specialist questions in the field of Ayurveda

      Listening and helping you in all matters. This is a helpful source of expertise with direct contact to expert pools and databases on issues related to Ayurveda, which is available to you as our member.

    • Networking with other German Ayurveda organizations

      Cross-association networks and cooperations for professional exchange and for the strengthening Ayurveda in Germany. Faster access to current professional information and interesting facts for every member.

    • Quality assurance and definition of quality standards

      You support the advancement and assurance of quality in the fields of education, medical-therapeutic application and prevention, research as well as product and trade to ensure a responsible practice of Ayurveda in Germany. Thus, Ayurveda in Germany will be further made more secure and more professional in your interest.

    • Active collaboration in the ADAVED specialist groups

      Invitation to actively participate and contribute in specialist groups in order to participate in the introduction of generally accepted standards for Ayurveda and make use of the unique opportunity to exchange knowledge on an expert level. In this way you can be active for Ayurveda independently from your own company and be noticed.

    • Lobbying for Ayurveda in Germany

      Continually bringing Ayurvedic interests to the attention of political decision makers and establishing a capital city representation in Berlin. To strengthen the recognition and relevance of Ayurveda in Germany and thus the work of each member.

    • Contact for public authorities and politics

      First point of contact for public authorities and political institutions in all professional and legal questions concerning Ayurveda. This leads to a stronger representation of your interests as well. Clear and unanimous communication. Requests concerning your field can be forwarded to you, so that your voice reaches precisely where it should be heard.

    • Public and press relations

      Proactively sending out publications and statements on Ayurvedic specialist topics and to increase the public perception of Ayurveda as well as being the contact point for all press and media organs. Thereby you can draw attention to your specialized subjects in Ayurveda and direct the interest of the public.

    • ADAVED News

      Professional information and interesting facts from the field of Ayurveda communicated in a timely manner. You are always informed about important developments for Ayurveda.

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