Membership criteria

Members can be public or private companies and partnerships resident in Germany that promote the objectives of the association. The general meeting decides on the admission of new members on the basis of a written application.

  1. Full members are directly active in the field of Ayurveda and commit themselves to the aims of the ADAVED as stated in paragraph 2 of the statutes. The full members are divided into the following groups:
    1. All member-centred legal forms such as an association
    2. All capital share-centred legal forms such as companies (e.g. GmbH, AG, retailers)

    The right to vote, as well as the amount and type of membership fees, is based on this distinction and is regulated in the rules of procedure (association, voting and fee regulations).

  2. A sponsoring membership is possible. Supporting members support the aims of the association by financial contributions or in other significant ways; however, they have no voting rights and cannot become members of the board.

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