The aim of ADAVED is the promotion, dissemination, integration and recognition of Ayurveda as a comprehensive health and medical system in Germany. ADAVED is committed to the recognition, promotion and dissemination of Ayurveda as a traditional medical system in Germany.
This is realised through:

  1. the promotion and networking of German Ayurveda organisations by means of an internal communication platform.
  2. representing the interests of Ayurveda and the ADAVED members externally.
  3. the provision of expert information on Ayurveda for practitioners in health professions, for patients, professional representatives (e.g. medical associations), health insurance companies, health insurances and other institutions providing health care allowances, political (health)institutions, research institutions, other persons working in the health care system, as well as all people interested in Ayurveda expert information.
  4. The support of the establishment of associations and clubs in the field of Ayurveda.
  5. The promotion and assurance of quality in specialist areas (training, medical-therapeutic application and prevention, products, research), in order to guarantee a responsible practice of Ayurveda in Germany.