Invitation to participate in the formation of the Training Section

A well-founded discussion during the ADAVED General Assembly in November 2020 has shown consensually that there is a need to develop common guidelines and professional profiles in the field of education and training in order to achieve national recognition of these in the medium to long term.

The board of the ADAVED is anxious to promote the formation of a specialist panel as quickly as possible and would like to invite all members and interested parties who, like the ADAVED, are interested in the comparability and national recognition of training and who would like to participate in the networking of German training institutes and the creation of clear training guidelines and job profiles, to meet on Monday 12 April 2021 initially for a discussion group. It is seen as crucial for the success of this mammoth task that those interested have many years of experience in the field and work professionally in the field of Ayurveda training in Germany. After a basic exchange, the aim of the specialist panel is to develop a strategy to implement the above step by step. In addition, it is also about finding a person (or several who would like to be appointed) in order to be able to be officially named as the leader of the specialist panel at the upcoming general meeting and to coordinate and communicate the process of the specialist panel in the future.

We ask members and other interested parties to register for the meeting at as soon as possible, but no later than 31 March 2021