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Latest Ayurveda & COVID-19

The ADAVED would like to underline once more with references to the following articles, how valuable the extensive practice-proven knowledge of Ayurveda can be in a pandemic like the current one, and what is currently happening in this field.

Ernst Schrott, MD, Chairman of the DGA, points out that despite the knowledge of the immune system’s protective function against infectious diseases in general, and COVID-19 in particular, strengthening the immune system is surprisingly not part of the federal government’s control strategy, but it definitely should be, and what underpins this claim.

The scientific publication by U. Payyappallimana et al. describes how relevant the traditional healing arts recognized by the WHO, above all Ayurveda, are in times of a pandemic. It shows how to proceed in order to use the practice-based pandemic experience of Ayurveda complementary to Western medical methods, maintaining the individualized multimodal approach of Ayurvedic therapeutic interventions, but at the same time incorporating them into a research methodology that generates sound evidence of the efficacy of Ayurvedic interventions for COVID-19.

With its own general advice on immune support and prophylaxis of respiratory infections, the ADAVED summarized back in the spring how each individual can help protect themselves with relatively simple means.