Ayurveda Unveiled – art and science of a life well lived

Ayurveda Unveiled – art and science of a life well lived 
Both an inspirational journey and a definitive resource, the film weaves together the history and essence of Ayurveda. It examines in detail the underlying philosophy and its unparalleled ability to harmonize our inner and outer world. A life in perfect balance!

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The culmination of director Gita Desai’s four-year devotion to capturing this sublime science, Ayurveda Unveiled journeys through India, Europe and America. Weaving together the sights and sounds from all facets of Indian life, with the broad and deep knowledge of expert guides in exclusive conversation, Gita has created a definitive resource of Ayurveda for the modern mind.

With contributions ranging from celebrated writers, historians, scholars and scientists to leading doctors, surgeons, therapists and botanists from around the globe, what emerges is a rich tapestry of India’s timeless yet relevant system; an all-encompassing science for enhancing life.

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