General information to support the immune system and to prevent respiratory infections during the corona virus pandemic

  • The following recommendations serve as additional recommendations for strengthening the immune system, do not contradict current official regulations and can be implemented easily and simply at home.
  • Integrate caring for mucous membrane into your morning routine. Ayurveda especially recommends oil pulling and oiling your nose to cleanse the mouth, throat and respiratory tract and keep the mucous membranes moist, supple and intact. 
  • The immune system benefits from regularity and rhythm! Support your immune system by establishing daily routines such as getting up early, Yoga, exercise and meditation. Sufficient sleep, rest and regular relaxation are further important aspects promoting the body’s own defenses. 
  • An optimal function of digestion and metabolism is important to relieve the body and to avoid the formation and accumulation of intermediate metabolic products. Drink plenty of hot water or herbal teas, eat predominantly warm, well-seasoned and easily digestible foods using fresh, vegetarian produce of the best quality and only eat when you are really hungry. 
  • Add body-defense-supporting spices such as turmeric, ginger, thyme, oregano, pepper, cloves, laurel, etc. into your meals.
  • Also the regular intake of Chyavanprash, an immune-supporting jam, which is recommended in Ayurveda as a general tonic to strengthen young and old, is useful – e.g. a tablespoon in the morning as breakfast with a glass of warm oat drink.
  • Taking ½-1 teaspoon of turmeric mixed with a pinch of pepper and forest honey is also a proven Ayurvedic home remedy for inflammations and infections of the respiratory tract.

Stay healthy!